The Magic of Cubic Zirconia: A 3D Photo Crystal For the Romantic Love of Your Life

After much debate, the creative department has decided that the upcoming release of the Disney Crystal Star Ring will feature an “invisible” cubic zirconia, a cubic zirconia made with the same metal used in high-end diamonds but using a highly refined process to produce extremely accurate color. Some would say it is more accurate than any diamond on the market, although the appearance of the product may not be true to the true color of the gemstone, which is very true blue to certain people. No matter how the issue is resolved, cubic zirconia provides us with the opportunity to replace our current “pearl” -like imitation gems with something more realistic and engaging.

While the use of cubic zirconia certainly provides us with a larger spectrum of colors than we are accustomed to seeing in gemstones, what most of us really want to see is the true color of the gemstone. More consumers are becoming interested in knowing the true color of what they are buying because it helps them put an actual face on a particular piece of jewelry or purchase a product that is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Whether the gemstone is going to be displayed as part of an engagement ring or an engagement set, an accessory or a unique image to your casual wardrobe, the true colors of the gemstone should play a significant role in determining your purchase. For women who are looking for affordable casual pieces that will fit into any lifestyle, a simple, fun engagement ring might be all you need. After all, who doesn’t want to wear an engagement ring every day without ever noticing?

However, if you happen to be someone who happens to love to have a great deal of jewelry, you might want to consider purchasing a square shape of cubic zirconia. For example, instead of simply adding a stunning, self-adoring sparkle to a plain white engagement ring, a cubic zirconia engagement ring might be the perfect choice. Or perhaps you are a woman who loves the look of pink but doesn’t like the number of color variations of diamonds available on the market.

Cubic zirconia also offers the ability to add a three-dimensional photo to the sparkle. Three-dimensional photo jewelry will look spectacular on any setting, from a simple silver bracelet to a more formal gold or platinum setting. Imagine looking down at the band of your silver bracelet and seeing the ring photo up-close on your own finger.

The technology behind cubic zirconia allows for a resolution equal to that of high-end cameras, meaning that you can take the picture and then view it up-close in real time. This type of 3D photo crystal allows a viewer to feel the difference between the real diamond and the fake diamond. The appearance of the two objects can actually be similar, if they are not of the same color.

A cubic zirconia is a very popular addition to the engagement ring selection for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the user can control exactly how much or little sparkle of the ring will have with the inclusion of a photo. The benefit of this is that there is no risk of going overboard with the sparkle and having the ring look cheap when it does not have enough.

Additionally, the 3d photo crystal is extremely sturdy and durable, making it the ideal piece to invest in for anyone who wants a very clear photo. Unlike most other types of jewelry, the cubes are incredibly lightweight, so even if your man wears a heavy ring, he will still look amazing on the cube.

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